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Rechargeable Battery Recycling
Simple - Good for the Environment

Preserve the environment; Recycle your rechargeable batteries.

RecycleNorthstarAED is committed to the RBRC Call2Recycle program to offer environmentally safe, cost-effective battery disposal and recycling for all our customers. 
Simply ship your expired and/or dead rechargeable defibrillator batteries to us and we will handle the rest! Your only obligation is the cost of shipping for your used batteries.
Important Note: Do not send non-rechargeable batteries. We can only recycle rechargeable lithium batteries. For non-rechargeable batteries, you will need to check local recycling/waste management agencies for proper disposal procedures.

Please follow these simple guidelines:
  • When applicable, make sure to fully discharge batteries before shipping.
  • Ship only one chemistry battery per box.
  • If shipping more than one battery, package the batteries in a manner such that they do not make contact with each other during shipping.